Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Here's our first track,

KS2 Science - Plants
Every song we add is available to download for FREE. There's no advertising, no fee, just have it! This was created by Mr D, who, since he was a stroppy teenager, has forced his family and friends to listen to 1990's rap and hip-hip. 

Below you'll find the track with lyrics and an instrumental version. Mr D has recently purchased some children's ukuleles for the school and teaches an extra-curricular ukulele club. One of those very ukuleles is used in this track. Lucky you eh?!

NEW!!! - Download the lyrics on a word document here

Plants - Lyrics
Plants are living things, like you and I
They produce the oxygen we breathe so we can kept alive
Now unlike human beings they can make their own food
It’s pretty complicated they have to photosynthesise

Put them in a dark room and see their final termination
When you sow the seeds the roots will grow below the snow and you can let the world know
It has started germination
So we must spread the word and plant more trees across the nation

They need nutrients, water, warmth, light and air
So come on everybody throw your hands up in the air
We breathe out CO2 like all plants need
And all of this is because of one tiny little seed come on  X2

Now listen to how it's really done!
This is 'The Go! Team'. They are a modern UK band that takes ideas from 1990's hip-hop, orchestras, rock, flutes (anything goes) to create familiar sounding, yet really exciting songs. This was released in 2004. Enjoy!

Until next week folks,
Mr A, Mr C and Mr D

Resource Bank - Plants

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