Sunday, 1 June 2014

We Have Returned (Eventually)

It's been a while! 

Apologies for the lack of updates of late. Sometimes, being a teacher leaves us without the time we'd like to dedicate to writing and recording songs but Mr D has come up with another one for us. It's short and sweet and is all about 'Adverbs'.

Adverbs give us more detail to verbs by telling you how, when or where they are performed. E.g. They JUMPED (verb) gracefully, suddenly, over etc..

Watch out for Bertram, our alien friend, this week. He's being a real nuisance!  

Download the Lyrics Here

Adverbs - Lyrics
Adverbs are words which describe the verbs, 
So if you don’t know verbs, you better get heard,
Verbs are action words, 
Like – fight, climb, jump, rest, walk, clean or feed,
Like – fly, miss, build, whisper, cry or succeed,
Now take heed, 
I’m gonna give you all you need,
Add a how, when or where to your verb, 
It’s called an adverb, 
So don’t be absurd,
Because you’re learning now,
And it’s time you found out,
Take a verb like jumped and think about how!
Bertram – Interruption 1
“Oh, I get it. So, like, he jumped enthusiastically, or she jumped frantically, or they jumped
gracefully. Ahhh yeah! Or merrily, nervously, or safely, anxiously, foolishly, gently. What
about…merrily? Oh I’ve said that one. Ah, I said that twice - hehe!
Mr D Rap – Verse 2
Bertram stop talking, you’re ruining the song,
There’s too much to cover and we don’t have that long,
Adverbs tell you where or when a verb takes place,
Let’s choose chase then speed up the pace,

They often chased, they chased again, yesterday they chased,
usually, regularly, inside, outside, all around..
Bertram - Interruption 2
“Errr, why are they chasing?”
Mr D
“That’s not important.”
“Is one of them a burglar?”

Mr D
“No, no, Bertram that’s not important.”

“Is it kiss chase? Errrr!”
Mr D

“Sorry. What’s an adverb again? I wasn’t listening.

Now time to see how it's really done! 
This week, we've been inspired by the modern electronic music. Solo artists such Chvrches, Grimes and even Mr D's very own brother, who is in a band called 'Moscow Youth Cult' (MYC). Check out this MYC song and video written and recorded in 2011 by Mr D's brother.